`Dolma` A Tibetan Short Film (English Subtitles)

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The main cast of this film is Deden who played the character of a small innocent girl Dolma who wrote a secrete letter to God. She wants to deliver it to God. However, she has a problem. She has no address of God. She sets out in the pursuit of finding God's address and send this letter to him. She approaches her family members and asks for God's address. Busy mom insists her to finish her homework and concentrate on school than this kind of unnecessary conversation. Father, orders her to pay attention to her mother's advice. Grandfather, advices her to work on her goodness before she can even think of sending a letter to God. Sister on other hand totally ignores her. Distracted by the letter and her persistence to send the letter to God, she misses her school bus. She is disappointed and now has whole day to think about what to do with the letter. She meets a Muslim Priest, a Monk and a Church Pastor. They all fail to give her God's address. Her patience gives away. She breaks into crying. And then, story reaches the climax. Could she ever deliver her letter to God? To find out this you need to watch the film. Contact +91 44 26163311, 26263331, for more information